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He actually did explain why he's always suffering from depression in his journal entry, and you should go read that if you didn't know what I'm talking about. But like I said from the last S.O.S, I want to tell Death this: Piss off and quit tempting Bolt to join his father! He has a long life ahead of him, and you are not making it any better! Quit controlling his emotions, quit manipulating his mother and sister, and quit pissing him off!

Anyways, we need to support him again, because I don't want to see him commit suicide again! #HelpBolt

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#9. Sora
Game appeared in: Kingdom Hearts (2002)
Creator: Square-Enix
Character stance: Third-party (has games released on Nintendo handhelds)


Kingdom Hearts is a franchise created by Square-Enix and Disney, and it’s one of the most beloved franchises Square has ever made, and it’s not just for the Disney fanservice. I know I have #17 on the list that happens to be a Square-Enix character too, but back there, Sora is who I’m talking about. I couldn’t really go into further detail on Kingdom Hearts, but there are many people that do want him in. I’ll explain the why, but let’s go to the detailed specials. I know, the introductions are getting short, but there are those that are just popular choices!


Now, this is where I usually go and talk about one’s specials, but like #12, something else has done that job for me, and I’d thought I’d have the movelist with you all. Hello, Super Smash Flash 2!

Sora’s neutral B will be Strike Raid. I would normally share this neutral B with you, but there’s a lot of detail on how the move works! To make it short, it function’s like Link/Toon Link’s Boomerang, except that Sora’s vulnerable for until the Keyblade comes back to him.

His Side-B is Flowmotion, which is taken from Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance for the 3DS. This special will allow to be followed up with an attack, and can be guided up or down. Yes, gliding was removed from Sm4sh because of, again, 3DS limitations, but Flowmotion can only travel so far before it wears out when using it.

His Up-B’s his Aerial Recovery. Now this is going to be a bit of a 101 before I continue. In the Smash Bros. games when a recovery move is used, the character is left prone, and cannot do anything unless they land, grab onto a ledge if they make it to one, or just plummet to their doom if they fail to recover. Sora’s Aerial Recovery is a complete exception to that, and is the only exception there is! In it’s description, it says: "Sora leaps into the air while circles surround him, which do no damage. While performing this move, he is able to cancel it by performing any other attack or action, without losing any momentum.” This would make him a more acrobatic character, and the Aerial Recovery ability’s taken from Kingdom Hears as well.

And his Down-B is another unique one from SSF2, and if chosen to be in Sm4sh, will be brough over: Command Deck. Introduced in Birth By Sleep, the Command Deck replaces having to use the D-Pad to move the cursor to the mini-menu and selecting spells/summon/item/what-not. And in earlier version of SSF2, Sora’s side and down B specials were Firaga and Thundaga. In the latest update, it’s been changed for him to use all 3 spells, but rotates the order every time one of the spells is used in the following order: Firage, Blizzaga, and Thundaga.


Sora’s Final Smash, Trinity Limit, is also taken from Kingdom Hearts 2. I was planning on explaining how it would work, but it’s just starting to get rather difficult for me. So, instead of that, I would love to see either his Final or Anti Form from Kingdom Hearts 2. They pretty much explain themselves, but look those up, because I feel rather burned.


Well, like with King K. Rool, this is pretty much preaching to the choir. A do agree with Sora being voted on, but there is the fact that, if accepted, Nintendo’s going to be doing some extra work coming to an agreement with not only Square-Enix, but Disney as well, since the Kingdom Hearts franchise is owned by both. But hey, it doesn’t hurt having him in if they agreed.

So there goes #9, and we are closing in on #1! Let me know in the comments below about what you think, and as always, cast your vote before October 3rd.
Sm4sh Fighter Ballot Candidates: #9
Sora Brings Down the Door!

Previous Candidate:…
Next Candidate: COMING SOON!
First Candidate:…

Sm4sh (c) Namco Bandai, Nintendo
#10. Nightmare
Game appeared in: Soul Calibur (1998)
Creator: Namco Bandai
Character stance: Third-party (has 2 releases on Nintendo consoles)

Hah! See? I told you that there’s another character on this list that is a villain! You think I don’t have any other ideas? Well guess wha- *looks around* Wait, we’re live? Oh shi-


The Quarter Guy made a theoretical statement if Ryu is to be added in Sm4sh (and he has), there would be a chance that Namco Bandai and Sega would also have a second representative for their company. I can think of two that would fit Namco and Sega, but we’ll get to the latter later. Also, while QG’s second character for Namco Bandai is Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia, my pick is Nightmare from the Soul Calibur franchise.

For anyone that is curious, the Soul series of fighting games started life as Soul Edge in the arcades, and has a port of it on the PS1. After that, the series continued on as Soul Calibur and continues on with it’s legacy of weapon-based combat, expansive characters, customization, and all that what-not. Soul Calibur 2‘s the first game in that series I played, and this is one of the games that has console-specific special guest characters, even though the PS2 version’s the one I play, so I was stuck with Heihachi. Anyways, let’s go look at how his specials are! ...if I can find a video that actually shows his signature moves!


Now, when I completed #18, it was before the release of Ryu from the Street Fighter franchise, so I didn’t know that classic button input commands would be doable. Right now, I’m just doing B specials.

His neutral B is Soul Wave, which isn’t a projectile move, but can knock an opponent away from him. It’s going to function like Ike and Roy’s neutral B, since Nightmare IS another swordfighter after all (WHOOPS! Did I just say THAT out loud!), but the only kicker is that it doesn’t damage him.

His side B would be Death Lord’s Vengeance, and functions like Marth/Lucina/Roy’s Dancing Blade, blah blah blah sword users (I sounded so bored when writing this, am I?). Of course, that would be vague, for depending on the direction, it would change to Death Lord’s Annihilation, Bloody Lord’s Invasion, or Grim Lord’s Auto-da-te, if the button’s pressed the 4th time with either the direction being up, down, or neutral.

Now, we need to give him a recovery move, right? Well, why not use Ether Lord’s Carnage and have it double as an aerial recovery Up-B, right? I mean, Ryu has his Shoryuken double as a recovery move, so why not Nightmare’s Ether Lord’s Carnage?

And his Down-B would have to be Dark Reconquista. I don’t know if it would be used as either a counter, or like Ryu’s Focus Attack. Either way, if nightmare is hit during his Down-B, or not, depends on which route is chosen, he’ll be able to deal a big blow against said opponent. I know, I haven’t played Soul Calibur in a long time.


Now, since this is a Soul Calibur character, you would expect Nightmare’s Critical Finish from SC4, or his Critical Edge from SC5, right? Well, I’m leaning more towards his transformation from SC3 named Night Terror. Why that? Well, like Mega Charizard X and Dragon Yoshi, Night Terror has the ability to fly across the stage and can either swoop in and attack with A, or fire his laser beams with B. Now, seeing that I gave him the fly option, I would say that if you meteor smash him (he CAN still take damage from it), or send him flying, he would fly back into the stage instead of being KOed, like in SC3 if you try and win via Ring Out. And yes, like many transformation moves, he’ll revert to his normal form after an amount of time has passed.


Well, this choice is purely on nostalgia for me. Even though I played the Playstation 2 version, it also has an Xbox and Gamecube version as well! So, even though it sounded petty for me to say “Well at least he’s in ONE Nintendo console”, he also appeared as a boss in Soul Calibur Legends for the Wii. I always thought Nightmare sounds like a badass, and that’s before I started learning about it’s lore about it being a physical embodiment of Soul Edge, the titular weapon from the first game.

Well, looks like I’m halfway done! That’s it for #10, and I’m getting close to finishing this list! Leave a comment if you think Nightmare’s a good choice. And, as always, makes sure you vote before October 3rd.
#11. Banjo & Kazooie
Game appeared in: Banjo-Kazooie (1998)
Creator: Rare
Character stance: Second/Third-party (once had Nintendo releases)


Alright, it’s time to admit it: I want Banjo & Kazooie in Sm4sh as DLC, despite being owned by a competing console! But you know what? Those naysayers have forgotten their platform of origin! Banjo-Kazooie wasa critically acclaimed Nintendo 64 title back in the late-90s, and there is no denying that! In fact, during the development, they were one of the possible choices for the roster in Smash 64, along others! (see the first part of the Smash DYKG for details) I’ll explain why I have them there, but for now, let’s move on to the specials.


Okay, so someone on the Internet drew up concepts for what Banjo & Kazooie’s moves and specials are going to be, and I agree. However, explaining all of this is going to be difficult to me. *a few hours later* Okay, now let’s begin.

Their standard B is Kazooie’s Egg Firing move. Seeing that there are multiple eggs she can fire in Banjo-Tooie, this will be a charge move that, how long you charge it, depends on the egg she fires out, like Robin’s standard B. The egg charge are in order: Blue Egg, Golden Egg, Battery Egg, Fire Egg, and at full charge: Grenade Egg. The Batter Egg harkens from the GBA Banjo-Kazooie game: Gruntilda’s Revenge, and it was the most useless egg in the game, only seeing usage in one level.

Their Side-B’s Beak Barge. Yeah, I got nothing for a side-B. If you know any description on this special, let me know.

There are two options for what their Up-B would be. It would either be Flight, which would only be the only character(s) to glide, and then you press B to attack mid-flight, depending on the direction Kazooie’s flying. The other potion would obviously be Flap Flip, which is a vertical long jump. I know, I’m being vague, I apologize.

And the Down-B is Breegul Bash, which, like in Banjo-Tooie, is the most powerful move in the game (not THAT strong in Sm4sh), yet slow to execute. Also, in the original game, you learn it from giving the Pink Mystery Egg to Heggy from the entire Stop n’ Swop thing. I know, I still got nothing, but it’s for those who never went through the Stop n’ Swop process, so SPOLERS!


The Final Smash is Dragon Kazooie, which, back to Stop n’ Swop, is obtainable from bringing the Ice Key to a safe in one of the levels and giving a Mega Glowbo to Humba Wumba. Dragon Kazooie can breath fire in a large radius in front of her, and can be avoided by getting behind them, like you would do with Samus’s and the Mii Gunner’s. Again, this is SPOILERS for those that never got the Ice Key.


Okay, time for the why. First, Banjo-Kazooie brings me nostalgia, but that’s not the prime reason why. The second reason is that Phil Spencer, head of the XBOX devision, said that it’s okay for them to be in Sm4sh, because Rare DID work with Nintendo before being bought out by Microsoft. That, in terms, causes those to deny that thought, because that would be free promotion for Microsoft, one of the two competitors. All I can say is: who cares? Banjo & Kazooie never saw Nintendo since Banjo Pilot, and if they are brought in, they’ll finally be back in their old home.

Welp, I only got 11 more candidates to go though, so hold your horses, as we get to #10! Anyways, comment on what you think, and leave a vote by October 3rd! Do the bear-and-bird duo justice! ...and PLEASE don’t make a crack about them being similar to Duck Hunt Duo, please?
#12. Chibi-Robo
Game appeared in: Chibi-Robo! Plug Into Adventure! (2006)
Creator: Nintendo
Character stance: First-party


Now, on my Top 20 list of IP that are in need of a resurrection, I urked over Skip Ltd.’s games developed for Nintendo garnering bad sales! That is true! One reviewer said that Park Patrol, it’s Japan-only 3rd installment, and the Wii remake of the original didn’t sell so well! That’s sad, and that makes me a sad panda! I don’t want to lament back to my #CENSORED of my Top 20 IPs needed revival, I want to talk about Chibi-Robo being in Sm4sh as DLC! And this helps too in the case of the upcoming Zip-Lash! That would be great promotion! And we already know of one other character that would be promotion, but at many people claim is for the other reason, but we’ll just move on.


Now, many people already know what Chibi-Robo’s specials are going to be, because the sad truth is: there are those that played Super Smash Flash 2, a game I mentioned in the beginning of this list AND my rant on how difficult this list was to make! But, to share SSF2‘s open-minded ideals, let’s look at them anyways.

First off, his standard B being the Chibi-Blaster. I actually know that it would be his standard B from the start, and that’s from Photo Finder being the first Chibi-Robo game I ever played. The info from his SSF2 Wiki article says: “Tapping the special button will shoot a single shot while holding it will shoot multiple projectiles. The blaster can be titled up, when grounded, and tilted down, when airborne.” Please note that desctiption from there has typos I have to fix, and they should too.

His side-B would be the Toothbrush. Oh, what’s his Side-B going to do? Clean his opponent’s teeth to death? No, and that’s just a massive joke, and if you don’t like it, keep your comments to yourself! In the Chibi-Robo games, it’s used to scrub off any area of dirt or substance on the ground, so you can say that the joke should have been more of him ‘scrubbing his opponents to death’, so I apologize for that. And in the description, holding the button and the left or right directional pad can make him move infinitely.

His Up-B’s the Chibi-Copter. Yeah, you already know how it works as a recovery move, nothing to see here. move along.

And his down-B’s going to anger the Animal Crossing Villager: Pick-Up. Like Villager’s standard-B, Chibi-Robo’s down-B can grab anyone’s projectiles and throw it back at them. Since it functions like Villager’s standard-B, I think there’s nothing to say about it further.


Okay, it’s time to be reasonable and fair, and say this: I never played the original game, so I have no knowledge about Giga-Robo. But, that doesn’t mean that I should not pass up talking about Chibi-Robo’s Final Smash. As the description of his Final Smash says: Chibi-Robo calls forth Giga-Robo, a gigantic robot that looks like Chibi-Robo, who stays in one place as it continuously stomps the ground with its enormous legs. Any opponent near the proximity of its legs get buried in the ground as they are constantly stepped on by the huge robot. The stomps' shockwaves also make any airborne opponent to get meteor smashed.” So yeah, the Giga-Robo Final Smash fits, being that it’s gargantuan compared to Chibi-Robo in the original.


Well, because everyone I saw wants him, and who can blame him? I mean, it’s not just Smash Flash 2, so I’m going to take a guess that he was imagined as a Smash Bros. character before I saw how he plays in Smash Flash 2. Also, he and one other character would ultimately leave their craters in the Smash Bros. universe! And with that, that’s about it on Chibi-Robo. I... got nothing. *shrugs*

So, with that, that’s #12. Leave a comment below about your agreement on Chibi-Robo! And, of course, you still have until October 3rd to vote.
#13: Wonder Red
Game appeared in: The Wonderful 101
Creators: Nintendo, Platinum Games
Character stance: First-party

Okay, for those who watched The Quarter Guy’s Top 10 Sm4sh DLC Candidates, do NOT go up-at-arms against my decision of putting Wonder Red at this spot on my list! The reason is that I like the other 12 better, it’s that simple! ...okay, now on to the introduction.


For those sucking on Flappy Bird’s nipples of poison, Hideki Kamiya’s the guy that makes games that does not hold your hand in terms of finding out what to do, and not to mention, makes kickass games. He’s the director of many games, such as Resident Evil 2, Viewtiful Joe, Devil May Cry, Okami, and the upcoming Scalebound. But in between all of that, there are 3 games in particular. One of them is The Wonderful 101, a game that is underrated, not sold many copies like other attempted new IPs suffered until Splatoon, and is otherwise overlooked. And yet, is it one of the best games ever created, key word being: One Of. This is where I wanted to bring up Wonder Red, which many people disses him as just a longshot of longshots. Well, this is why the Fighter Ballot is there, folks! And please note: I wasn’t inspired by QG, AceAttorneyGod or anyone else, I thought of him being in Sm4sh BEFORE the Fighter Ballot came along! And I would explain about the details of the character, but I need to beat the game first, so hold your horses. But what about the specials?


Please note that this list of specials may or may not be from Wonder Red himself, since he is one of the main seven of the Wonderful 100, and leader of. Also, seeing that all of these are Unite Morphs, and like Little Mac, Wonder Red’s going to have his Unite Gauge above his player icon.

His standard B would obviously be Unite Hand, his Unite Morph he has. Now, you can normally just combo enemies with A, but the Unite Hand special can absorb fire attacks, like in the original game, and shoots fireballs, again like in the original game if absorbed fire attacks. It doesn’t heal him, though, but I don’t think it does that in the original game either.

His Side-B would also use his Unite Hand, but it would be a combo that consists of his Unite Hand’s Wonderful-Stinger, Wonderful-Rising, and Wonderful-Cyclone. It would be called the Wonderful-Combo, hence the name of those attacks in one string.

His Up-B would obviously be Unite Rocket, as it’s pretty much a recovery move, and a faster way to get up areas in the original game without using the Wonder Liner to build a ladder. Like Diddy Kong’s Up-B, it’s chargeable, but only goes in a straight trajectory.

And his Down-B would be Unite Guts. Like in the original, it’s main purpose is used to reflect projectiles back at enemies, as well as bounce them back. In Sm4sh, that’s what it does! However, it quickly drains his Unite Gauge, so timing has to be performed.


His Final Smash, in my opinion, would be his Unlimited Form, which, in the original, gives you an instant maxed out Unite Gauge for the boss fights. In Sm4sh, it will give him an infinite Unite Gauge, meaning you can reach maximum power on the Unite Morphs until the Final Smash wears off. Meaning that, until then, you can even charge up the Unite Hand special to the 4th size, which, like in the original, takes 200 Wonderful Ones to pull off.


Because he looks like a fun character to have! ...okay, that’s just a petty excuse. Many people that I’ve heard from, despite hearing about the Fighter Ballot, kept saying that Wonder Red has no chance. It’s because they NEVER played The Wonderful 101, let alone owned! He would make a great addition to the roster, should he be chosen. There is another Platinum Games character I wanted to add, but that’ll be revealed later.

So, #13 is completed, and there is only more to go until I reach #1. Let me know in the comments below on your opinions! And, as always, you can unite up and vote in the Smash Bros Fighter Ballot before October 3rd. Let them know that diplomacy can succeed!


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