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I got some news:

1. My right ear, cured, but my left ear's going through the same treatment, as the Swimmer's ear juked to my left ear. I'm still recovering, so I can hear stuff in stereo.

2. I got Tomodachi Life a few days ago! I actually got some lovebirds I should tell you, but I need to get the rest of the news out.

3. If you haven't watched the Nintendo Digital Event @ E3, here are their announcements:

1. Miis in SSB4, and brand new features! I don't know what one of them is, but I'll give you an example shown in the video: It uses the Kid Icarus: Uprising Intensity difficulty.
2. Amiibo announced and for SSB4 and many others on Wii U! Your Amiibo gains experience from being in the game!
3. Yoshi's Woolly World. It's cute, and woolly, and it makes Yoshi even more lovable! :3
4. Captain Toad Treasure Tracker... Waiter, check please.
5. Teaser for Zelda U. Aonuma shows us how beautiful it is, and that we can freely explore the world, like in GTA and other Open-World games.
6. Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire trailer. Yep, I'm excited! We get to see the other two Hoenn megas!
7. Bayonetta 2 with the original Bayonetta included! Whole no release date, people that didn't get to play Bayonetta 1 will get to experience the game, too!
8. Hyrule Warriors. We get to see how the game plays out, as well as be able to play as Link, Zelda, Impa, and even Midna! Who do you think is next to appear as a playable character in the game?
9. Kirby & the Rainbow Curse. Yep, sequel to Canvas Curse. :iconsarahthemii:, get squeeing. :3
10. Xenoblade Chronicles X trailer. It looks really awesome! Also, yep, that's the official title.
11. Mario Maker! Yep, Nintendo's answer to all those romhacks made by fans of the Mario universe.
12. A new game called Splatoon! Yep, a new IP! Also, I think SkyDoesMinecraft is gonna hare it, because it has squids. :3
13. Palutena is a new character for SSB4. Yep! The Goddess of Light is now in Smash 4!

There are trailers and first looks for games not covered in the main video, or I haven't remember/missed them, are games called Project Fight Robot and Project Guard, Codemane S.T.E.A.M., which is another new IP, Mario Party 10, which is just 9, but the 5th player can control Bowser to cause havoc on the other 4, and various others! Also, there's a trailer for another new Smash 4 character, and that is...


Yep! It's Pac-Man! They are being real, they are not trolling, it's Pac-Man! The Miiverse community that wants to see Pac-Man in Smash 4 got their wish!

So, tell me what you like about the Digital Event, as well as want me to send you guys my Tomodachi Pics. :3

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June 13, 2014